An all-in-one solution for complete management of your Professional Club!

Internal social network, integrated messaging,
and emailing solution.

Simplified events organization.

Subscription management and payments.

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!Teoola is unique

Teoola.Club - Managing Communities for Business Clubs

Here are the reasons why you'll love !Teoola:

Real-time notifications:

Every member receives instant notifications on their smartphone to stay informed about the club's activities.

Events calendar:
Past and upcoming club events are listed and easily accessible for all members.
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Automated features:

Members have a membership space within the app with various automated functionalities to interact with the club
and other network members.

Customization for each club:
The app is designed to fit the specific needs of each business club.


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An easy-to-use dashboard
(ou Back-office)

With our collaborative directory, enhance your contact management.

Thanks to our contact sorting solution, target each communication to the right recipients.

Thanks to our simplified emailing tool, achieve success in your informational or prospection campaigns.

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Organize and analyze your events

With our integrated event manager tool,
invite your members to any type of event in a few clicks.

Thanks to our integrated video conferencing system in the app, organize all your meetings remotely.

Thanks to our reporting tools, analyze your metrics on member participation
and engagement within your club.

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Be mobile

Manage your club directly in your pocket

Wherever you are, manage your club and maintain direct contact with all your members through our app.

Optimize your club with !Teoola

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